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Sterile Surgical Gloves in UseSterile Surgical Gloves are by far the highest grade gloves available and, because of the corresponding high cost, are typically only used by surgeons and operating room staff or in clean-room environments.

We offer the finest quality Sterile Surgical Gloves available in both Latex and Latex-Free types.

Latex Gloves
are made of natural rubber latex. They provide superior barrier protection and are considered best for fit and function. Also, they are very durable.

Nitrile Gloves (Latex Free) are an oil-based product which have similar physical characteristics of latex gloves. They stretch like rubber, although they have no latex in them. They are normally blue or green in color and offer good barrier protection. Nitrile gloves are ideal for those with a latex sensitivity.

Chloroprene (Latex Free) is a soft polychloroprene formulation that offers the barrier protection of a synthetic with a fit and feel like natural rubber latex. This soft profile allows for a comfortable fit and reduced hand fatigue. More puncture resistant than latex. Resists a broad range of chemical and biological hazards.
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